Expatriate coaching methods

are selected to support all important aspects of your life in Germany!

Supports your personal development and solving of difficult situations and conflicts both at work and in private life. The approach and methods enable you to gain a new understanding of yourself as a person and of those you interact with. You can identify next and higher levels of your personal development. This supports your self-consciousness and sovereign behavior in everyday life situations.


is an effective short-term coaching that enables us to identify stress-blockades. This can be thoughts, emotions and previous experiences. By means of the included myostatic-test (kinesiology), the origin can be pinpointed and then addressed with wingwave®. 

When the stress is mounting and the inner personal balance seems gone, the SmilingSounds coaching methods help to activate the vegetative nervous system so that positive energy and inner balance are re-gained.

Expatriates coaching is effective in both settings: face to face and online.


I am based in the beautiful small city of Rotenburg, located within the triangle of Hamburg - Bremen - Hannover.