Coaching for expatriates in Germany

Support for your new life


When you decided to come to Germany to work or study, you have already shown a lot of dedication and personal strength. Now you are working or studying in Germany and you are actively dealing with the challenges, that the life as an expatriate in a foreign country provides.


The work with multinational teams often comes with high expectations regarding success. Then you feel the emotional and practical responsibility for yourself, for your partner and children to fare well in an unfamiliar country. This and the necessity to deal with job expectations, different mentalities, a foreign language and also to get a grasp of how the country is functioning in everyday life leads to a very high energy level that you must maintain in order manage. 


And it may come to situations, where you just feel overburdened and overwhelmed. Where you experience an energy drain, that may even frighten you and prevent you from proper thinking and taking necessary actions in your daily life. 


My coaching for you in English or German language will help you to become aware of your very own internal energy sources. It can support you to focus on the important matters in your life and to identify solutions and actions to improve stressful situations at work, at university and at home.


Expatriates coaching is effective in both settings: face to face and online.

So that your life as an expatriate becomes THE highly valuable personal success, that you want it to be!